Ocean Geographic SOS Fellow Supporters Program

This invitation is for companies with products that are ocean related to support the OceanNEnvironment’s Save Our Seas Fund. Supported by associates, clients and members of Ocean Geographic, the Save Our Seas Fund, a charity status entity registered with Environment Australia supports ocean conservation initiatives worldwide.

Current Projects

  • Assessment & Conservation Initiatives of Marine Protected Areas in SE Asia: Ocean Geographic contributes to this project which monitors marine protected areas and the status of endangered and threatened species in the Coral Triangle.

  • Global Ocean Change Photographic Index (GOCPI): This is an  OceanNEnvironment and Ocean Geographic Society initiative supported by some of the world’s leading conservation scientists, film producers and photographers. This index focuses on speciation, habitat and climate change images for education and research assessment. The premise of this project is to create an annually updated imagery database on the state of coral reefs, ice shelf coverage, while monitoring marine protected areas, density of fish and mammal population, focusing primarily on the status of endangered and threatened species in the selected regions.

  • 1000 Kids One Message Sharks Conservation Project: This project takes our  Say No to Shark Fins Campaign in SE Asia straight to Hong Kong – the shark fins comsumption capital of the world: the primary purpose of this project is to reduce the consumption of shark fin soup in China and SE through education and awareness programs targeted at both children and adults.

  • Ocean Watch: Updates and reports by associates and correspondents; Ocean Geographic Society aims to fund or provide assistance to scientists and graduate students to work on conservation projects and investigative expeditions.

  • Kids - Ocean Awareness Project: Still under development the purpose of this project is to reach out and educate children in poor coastal region in Indonesia, Maldives, India, Malaysia and Sri Lanka about our seas.

SOS Fellow Supporter Package

This is a special invitation for your establishment to be a supporter for Ocean Geographic Society’s Save Our Seas Funds. By pledging advertising support you will be helping Ocean Geographic Society in its efforts to preserve the well being of the ocean and natural environment.  The SOS Fund works hand-in-hand with government agencies, the private sector and the environmental communities, to research, educate and inspire the people - in schools, corporations and in the wider community - to help protect endangered species and the general welfare of our seas.


  1. Be seen to support environmental program that yield measurable results.
  2. Been seen to be pledge a percentage of profit to preservation and restoration of the natural environment.
  3. Be seen to be socially responsible by taking on a position in environmental stewardship
  4. Branding and market to Ocean Geographic Society members; Ocean Geographic also reach out to members of Seacology, Ocean Artist Society and Wyland Foundation in the USA. Ocean Geographic also reaches out to members of the International League of Conservation Photographers.
  5. 25% of your advertising payment is contributed to the SOS Funds – intrinsically this contribution protects and as well grows the marine industry.

Your commitment as SOS Supporting Fellow:

Pledge a full page ROP advertisement in Ocean Geographic for 8 editions for AUD 2800 per insertion
Pledge a ½ page ROP advertisement in Ocean Geographic for 8 editions for AUD 1800 per insertion

About Ocean Geographic Almanac

Ocean Geographic is the only global geographical journal that focuses entirely on the ocean – conservation, natural history, arts, exploration and eco travel – a quarterly almanac of our ocean environment. Advertisements in the journal are consciously capped at 15% to content ratio.

The editorial board of Ocean Geographic is comprised of the world's most celebrated luminaries of the sea – David Doubilet, Dr Gerry Allen, Dr Carden Wallace, Emory Kristof, Stan Waterman, Wyland, Michael AW, Dr Alex Mustard to name but a few. Ocean Geographic is a visual adventure of exploration, discoveries, and dives into provoking issues that guarantee to inform, inspire and invigorate.

Being in alliance with OceanNEnvironment, the primary modus operandi of the Ocean Geographic journal is preservation through education. We look forward to welcoming you on board as a supporting organisation for the Save Our Seas Programs. Your company will be duly recognised for sharing our vision to protect the well being of our ocean planet.

Quick Facts

Target Audience Ocean Geographic contents appeal to an affluent, intelligent and responsive global audience that is well travelled with great passion for well being of our natural environment.
Feature structure Natural history, marine science, conservation issues, ocean lifestyle and travel.
As at Jan 2011 – based on readership and membership analysis 3rd and 4th quarter 2010
Demographics Men: 55% Women: 45%
Median Income Household $75,000 above
Frequency Quarterly
Median Age 45
Range Age 18 - 65
Print Circulation Numbers 19,100
E edition Numbers 3506
O edition download per edition 33850

Distribution Print Edition

News Stands Singapore & Australia – 12,000
Selected Prime Outlet Indonesia & Malaysia – 1500 cps : UK – 1200 : USA - 1500
Membership subscription (incl. British Society of Underwater Photographers, Ocean Artist Society, Seacology) 3100
Promotion Copies 500

Distribution O and E Editions

Australia – 17% : Singapore – 19% : Indonesia: 15%: USA: 21%: UK: 17%: others: 11%

Ocean Geographic explores the dynamics of our ocean – the source and cradle of all life on Earth, occupying nearly 70.98 per cent of our planet’s surface and provides 99 per cent of the Earth’s living space. Since most life on Earth is aquatic, in terms of both diversity and biomass, Ocean Geographic focuses on getting to know who’s who in the sea, allowing readers to appreciate the complexity of the oceanic life forms that make up the vast biospheres, as well as understanding environmental influences and climatic conditions that that make this water planet a hospitable place.

Ocean Geographic also looks at the cultures which have historically been dependent on the sea, and delves into the navigation and migration of early civilizations. Ocean Geographic promotes awareness, beauty and the importance of preserving the health of our ocean environment through the latest scientific knowledge, illustrated by the imagery from the world’s leading underwater artists and photographers. Each edition of Ocean Geographic is a visual adventure of discoveries, exploration and dives into provoking issues that guarantee to inform, inspire and invigorate.

Why Advertise in Ocean Geographic

  1. Advertising in Ocean Geographic allows you to pin-point an educated and affluent demographic. Through the extensive experience of the editorial team, Ocean Geographic will be marketed to over 100,000 senior environmental and science professionals in Australia, South East Asia, the UK and the USA.

  2. Ocean Geographic has received the support and partnership of major marine, science, and conservation organisations world-wide who will promote the almanac to their members and fellows.

  3. The wealth of knowledge and imagery in Ocean Geographic is contributed by the world’s leading scientists and best image makers (members of the International League of Conservation Photographers), attracting educated and affluent readers.

  4. Ocean Geographic is not a magazine – it is a timeless almanac of the richness of the ocean realm, and thus has an unlimited shelf life for subscribers.

  5. The major underlying theme of Ocean Geographic is conservation with education -by supporting Ocean Geographic you will be supporting the same. We donate the magazines to selected schools.

  6. Ocean Geographic is the main sponsor for the Celebrate the Sea Festival – this annual show reaches out to participants from 38 countries and over 10,000 attendees. Ocean Geographic is also a proud supporter of many of the major dive exhibitions around the world.

  7. Because of the high imagery quality, the almanac has a special appeal to underwater photographers, collectors of fine art who have the means to travel to exotic destinations and money to spend on high-end travel and equipment.

  8. The ad to editorial ratio is 20% affording the opportunity for brands to place ads strategically.

Advertising Rates

Unit Type Casual 4X 8X
Back Cover 205 x 262mm $8000 $6000 $5000
Inside Front cover 205 x 262mm $7000 $5000 $3800
Inside Back Cover 205 x 262mm $6000 $5000 $3800
Page 1 & (facing contents page) 205 x 262mm $6000 $5000 $3800
ROP 205 x 262mm $3800 $3300 $2800
1/2 Page (vertical) 95.5 x 252mm $2000 $1800 $1500
1/2 Page (horizontal) 205 x 123mm $2000 $1800 $1500
1/3 page (vertical) 68 x 252mm $1800 $1600 $1380
Specified position loading: 20%

(Rates are AUD inclusive of GST)

Material Specification

Trim size full page 215 mm (W) x 275 mm (H)
Bleed size full page 225 mm (W) x 285 mm (H)
Bleed size half page 220 mm (W) x 281 mm (H)
Text size 180 mm (W) x 245 mm (H)
PDF format High Resolution (300 dpi)
TIFF format Photoshop CMYK or RGB tiff, 300 dpi resolution
EPS format Illustrator/Freehand (saved as .eps)
Save fonts as path

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