The Key Chain to Save Sharks

By purchasing the Double Joy shark key chain by Roland St John’s, you will contributing to the ‘Save Our Seas Fund’ of OceanNEnvironment which supports Ocean Geographic’s shark conservation campaigns. We urgently need more funds to produce our “Double Joy Luck” card package; these high quality cards are given free upon request to discreetly inform the guests at Chinese wedding, birthday receptions and celebrations, the absence of shark fin soup in the menu. To date, these cards could have possibly saved more than 30,000 sharks in Singapore and Malaysia. Donate A$58 or more to our SOS fund and we will send you an incredibly detailed shark crafted by Roland St John – this art piece is a very accurate representation of the apex predator of our seas. Find out how you can be part of the solution email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

SOS Supporter Programmes

By pledging your support for the Ocean Geographic Society’s Save Our Seas Foundation Programme, you will be helping Ocean Geographic Society in its efforts to preserve the well being of the ocean and natural environment. Through OceanNEnvironment, OGS works hand-in-hand with government agencies, the private sector and the environmental communities, to research, educate and inspire the people - in schools, corporates and in the wider community - to help protect endangered species and the general welfare of our ocean planet.

Patron to pledge A$50,000 a year for 3 years
Partner to pledge A$25,000 a year for 3 years
Friend to pledge A$10,000 a year for 3 years
Well Wisher single donation, no minimum

Benefits for SOS Supporters

P = Patron: PS = Partner : F = Friend : W = Well Wisher

OGS’s SOS Logo Rights

(P, PS, F) As a Patron, Partner, or Friend, your company will be authorised to use the Ocean Geographic SOS logo to symbolise and advertise your support for the OGS and concern for the environment. This will act as a virtual green label confirmation that your company is a valued OGS associate and a conservation supporter.

Promotion of Your Brand

(P, PS, F) To acknowledge your support for the OGS and concern for the ocean, your own company logo/name will be incorporated prominently into the OGS letterhead, and featured in OGS publications, such as Ocean Geographic journal, newsletter, and annual report, for the term of your pledge. Your logo will also be displayed prominently at the annual Celebrate the Sea Festival and events staged by OceanNEnvironment.

Branding Profile and Free Advertisement

(P, PS,) For the length of your support, Patron and Partners will be given 1 full page advertisement in each edition of Ocean Geographic. On a first come first serve basis, Patrons will have naming right for the following section: Ocean Watch, Capture, Sojourns, Nautilus Window, Content page.

"Project Associates" Credits

(P, PS) In return for your donation as a Patron or Partners, your company gets to be acknowledged as a "Project Associate" for OceanNEnvironment projects at no further cost to your company. Your company will be mentioned as a Project Associate on all materials relating to these selected projects or programmes.

Expedition Guest

(P, PS, F) To acknowledge your support for the OGS projects, each year (for the term of the support) one to two members from your company will be invited as guest to one of our expedition; eg: for PATRON we extend an invitation for two people to our Antarctica Peninsula Photographic expedition at no charge. (air travel to depature point not included)

Sharing the Experience

(P, D, F, W) Tuning In – as a SOS supporters you will of course get free copies of Ocean Geographic – you may use them as gifts to clients, friends and associates.

Niche on the Web

(P, D, F) The foundation web pages on the Internet, features projects and campaign supported by SOS. As a Patron, Partners, or Friend, your company will be given a banner space in this section incorporating any graphics or text you may choose. The banner will further provide a hypertext link to your company’s own Home Page. The OGS’s SOS foundation will be a gateway to a whole new market.

Exclusive Rights to Represent your Industry

(P) Patrons of the SOS will be given exclusive rights in being sole representatives of your sector of industry; As such within the Patron category there will only be, for example, one bank, one scuba equipment manufacturer, one camera, one car etc.

Tax Exemption

(P, D, F, W) As Ocean Geographic Society is part of OceanNEnvironment, an environmental organization listed with Environment Australia with charity status, it can offer all SOS Supporters tax exemption. Patrons, Partners, and Friends may spread their donations over the required 3-year period in a format that suits their own tax needs.

For more information on becoming a supporter of OG Society’s SOS program please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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