Revillagigedos Socorro Nov 2022

Ultimate Revillagigedos Archipelago Expedition

Our special photographic expedition to Revillagigedos archipelago, the Socorro Island and Baja California shall be an unforgettable adventure with the pelagic manta ray, sharks, dolphins, whale sharks and bait balls. We have selected the optimum date for the biggest biomass of oceanic fish life. Not just more giant mantas and sharks but we will encounter lots more tunas, bait balls and even schooling silky and hammerhead sharks.  New Vessel - Socorro Vortex. Join award winning Filmaker and photographer Erick Higuera and Michael AW.

22 - 30 Nov 2022

$US 6000 pp ( twin share) $US 6500 pp ( juniour suite) $US 7000pp ( Master Suite)  

Make your reservation now – only 14 spots availble    4 spots remaining

The Revillagigedos Archipelago is located in the eastern Pacific Ocean approximately 330 kms south of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico - at the tip of the Baja peninsula. These islands are part of the Eastern sea mount group of island comprising of Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, and Cocos Island in Costa Rica. The Revillagigedos Islands comprise of four islands - San Benedicto Island, Socorro Island, Roca Partida and Clarion. They are remote and wild and islands, often referred to as the Mexican Galapagos. ( see below for further info on the Revillagigedos Archipelago)

For our 2020 expedition to the UNESCO World Heritage site - the Revillagigedos Archipelago; we are going with the best expedition leader of location; Erick Higuera, a multi-award-winning underwater filmmaker, photographer and marine biologist has over 20 years’ experience in this water.  Erick has somehow the aptitude to find the optimum encounters with the sentinel animals of this world heritage site. We are also going with the newest and finest dive platform – the Socorro Vortex specially design by Jorge Hauser wildlife photographer and the legendary Peter Hughes. This expedition vessel promises first class luxury catering to only 14 guests

socorro05 AWM9270

socorro04 AWM5584b

socorro01 AWM5348



Pelagic manta Ray

The Archipiélago de Revillagigedo is renowned for predictable up close and personal encounters with these giant Pacific manta rays, which can grow to 8m wingspan.

Sharks Galore

The Revillagigedos harbour the best diversity of pelagic sharks; schooling hammerhead schools, silver tips, silkies, duskies, Galapagos and occasionally tigers. We have encountered up to 7 species of sharks on a single dive! There are several hammerhead cleaning stations and Whale sharks.


May/June is in bait ball season in the Socorro; past years indicate that there are more giant mantas at Socorro during bait ball season than any other time of year. It always seems like everything intensifies with more sharks including schooling Silky sharks mixing it up with schooling Hammerheads, lots of tuna and pelagic fish and even pilot whales. There is also the chance to see whale sharks and water temps are up to the mid – high 70’s. Watch this exceptional production of Archipiélago de Revillagigedo by your expedition leader Erick Higuera.

socorro07 AWM5445

 socorro08 AWM2972

Expedition Platform

We have chartered OG partner, Socorro Vortex, a specially refurbished 135 feet aluminium hull state of the art vessel which cater to the most sophisticated & demanding divers by offering the finest in luxury liveaboard scuba diving. One of the newest and finest dive platforms – the Socorro Vortex has been specially designed by Jorge Hauser wildlife photographer and the legendary Peter Hughes. With only 14 guests onboard, you will receive the highest quality dive experience for the lucky few! Luxury diving is followed by topside elegance plus unmatched and personalized service. Gourmet dining with a complimentary selection of the best Baja California beer and wine, expansive common areas, plus top-of-the-line beds, linens, towels and bath robes will ensure your comfort onboard.  More info about Socorro Vortex:

Itinerary * ( Subject to adjustment)

We will board the Socorro Vortex in Cabo San Lucas at 6:00 pm, 22 Nov 2022. We will sail at 9:00 pm. We suggest that you arrive in Cabo one day earlier in event of delinquent luggage.  We will be at sea the whole trip with a 24 hour crossing to reach Socorro; we will then dive for 6 to 7 days at three different islands before sailing back to the Sea of Cortez. For this expedition, we will offer our loyal expedition member a special discount. Email to find out.


Superior Luxury Stateroom (twin share) – $6000 pp

Premium Junior Suite (twin share) - $6500 pp

Master Suite ( twin share) - 7000 pp

* For this expedition we will offer our loyal expedition members a special discount. Email to find out

Inclusions – photographic package with Ocean Geographic t-shirt, Essential Masterclass guide and critiques. 

Deposit and important dates:

Deposits $2000.00 are due to reserve your spot

Balance 1 Aug 2022

What is included? Full board with diving, nitrox, photographic sessions, dive guides, daily room service and nightly turndown, towels, bathrobe, alcoholic beverages, Mexican taxes

What is not included? Flights to Cabo San Lucas, park fees $65.00 per person port fee payable on board, gift shop purchases, crew gratuities & tips, travel insurance, nitrox, WiFi.


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About your Expedition Leaders:

Erick Higuera

Erick is a multi-award-winning underwater filmmaker, photographer and marine biologist exploring for over 20 years the waters of Guadalupe Island, the Sea of Cortez and the Revillagigedo Islands filming and photographing great white sharks, whales, dolphins, sailfish and other spectacles in the deep blue off Mexico's Pacific shores. His work appeared on Discovery Channel, Shark Week, BBC, Shark BBC, BBC Blue Planet II, National Geographic, as well in the award-winning documentary feature México Pelagico. He is the founder of KEPPBAJABLUE whose mission is to build awareness so that the world can share in the rich biodiversity of the Baja California peninsula. Erick Higuera conducts scientific research with photo identification, satellite tagging, site fidelity, abundance estimates, and movements patterns of the Pacific Giant Mantas in México
 socorro03 AWM2071 1

Michael AW

 Michael AW is a wildlife photographer, explorer and a conservationist. He has authored 35 books of the ocean. His accolades include winning more than 66 international photographic awards and were named as one of the world’s most influential nature photographers by Outdoor Photography. In 2018, he was awarded the Award of Excellence by Our World Underwater in Chicago.

He is recipient of four awards from the Natural History Museum Wildlife Photographer of the Year Wildlife Competition in 2000, 2010 and in 2006 and 2015 he was the Winner award for the underwater category.  In 2013 he was the first Asian to be awarded a NOGI by the Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences.

From 2010 to 2018 Michael was the project director for the Elysium Epic expedition to the Antarctic and Arctic with 66 team members comprise the world’s best image makers and scientists, to document the flora and fauna for a movie and climate change index of the Arctic from Svalbard, Greenland to Iceland. In 2018, he lead a team of 60 using three vessels for the 3rd Elsyium Expedition, this time to the Heart of the Coral Triangle in Indonesia

Michael’s mission is to use the power of pictures to inspire love and greater protection for our ocean. He strives to portray his subjects and scenes in their truest forms. “As the seas sustained my livelihood and my family, my stewardship takes on an even greater responsibility” Michael stated.

Michael AW’s essays and pictures have been published in BBC Wildlife, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Nature, Newsweek, Nature Focus, Forbes, Times, and Discovery to name but a few. Michael was also a recipient of the prestigious Peter Benchley’s Shark conservation Award, WYLAND ICON Award for Conservation in 2011, and in 2012 he was presented with the Diver of the Year Award at the Beneath the Sea Festival in New Jersey. Michael is an active member of the International League of Conservation Photographers and an International Fellow of The Explorers Club in New York. Michael is also the founder of Asian Geographic, Scuba Diver Australasia and Ocean Geographic. *Michael has led three flag expeditions for the Explorers Club.

socorro02 AW87694

More about the Revillagigedo Archipelago:

The Archipiélago de Revillagigedo represents an exceptional convergence of two marine biogeographic regions: the Northeastern Pacific and Eastern Pacific. More particularly, the property lies along the junction where the California and Equatorial current mix generating a complex and highly productive transition zone. The islands and surrounding waters of the Archipiélago de Revillagigedo are rich in marine life and recognised as important stepping-stones and stop overs for wide ranging species. The property harbours abundant populations of sharks, rays, large pelagic fish, Humpback Whales, turtles and manta rays; a concentration of wildlife that attracts divers and scientists from around the world.

The Archipiélago de Revillagigedo is part of a submarine mountain range with the four islands representing the peaks of volcanoes emerging above sea level. Apart from two small naval bases, the islands are uninhabited. Each of the islands displays characteristic terrestrial flora and fauna and their relative isolation has resulted in high levels of species endemism and micro-endemism, particularly among fish and bird species, many of which are globally threatened. The islands provide critical habitat for a range of terrestrial and marine creatures and are of particular importance to seabirds with Masked, Blue-footed, Red-footed and Brown Boobies, Red-billed Tropicbirds, Magnificent Frigatebirds and many other species dependent on the island and sea habitats. The Archipiélago de Revillagigedo is the only place in the world where the critically endangered Townsend’s Shearwater breeds.

More about the Vessel - Socorro Vortex:

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