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Ocean Geographic Society explores the dynamics of our ocean environment – the source and cradle of all life on Earth, occupying nearly 70.98% of our planet's surface and providing 99% of the Earth's living space.

Since most life on Earth is aquatic, in terms of both diversity and biomass, Ocean Geographic Society focuses on getting to know who’s who in the sea. This allows readers to appreciate the complexity of the oceanic life forms that make up the vast biospheres as well as understanding the environmental influences and climatic conditions that make this water planet a hospitable place.

Ocean Geographic Society also looks at the human cultures which have been dependent historically on the sea, and delves into deep and shallow seas exploration. Through its quarterly almanac, Ocean Geographic Society promotes awareness, beauty and the importance of preserving the health of our ocean environment using the latest scientific knowledge and discoveries, illustrated by the imagery from the world’s leading underwater artists and photographers.

Each edition of Ocean Geographic's almanac is a visual adventure of dives, discoveries and exploration into provoking issues that guarantee to inform, inspire and invigorate.

Inside Each Issue:

Ocean Watch Latest ocean and coastal research and news from around the world.
Nautilus Windows Thematic portfolios of fine art and photographic images.
Essays Conservation, sea science, natural history, research and expedition stories.
Sojourn Behind-the-scenes adventures of our contributors on assignment, eco adventure, ocean lifestyle, nature reserves & marine parks, unique discoveries and adventures.
Captures Features on scientific research and underwater imaging techniques and equipment.

Ocean Geographic Society encourages deeper appreciation of the beauty and the fragility of our ocean planet with the use of the finest imageries and passionate essays of the sea. The voice of the society, Ocean Geographic's almanac endeavours to inspire the world citizen to greater awareness of the urgency to conserve and preserve our natural world both above and below.


Ocean Geographic Society is an extension of OceanNEnvironment, Australia. Both have their roots in the preservation and conservation of our natural world; however, Ocean Geographic Society is focused towards the ocean, as a society. It is not a lobby-group for any intent, however noble it may be. By utilizing information while engaging in activities that are very interesting, factually persuasive and change-inspiring, we remain a society of compassionate and passionate beings who ardently believe that we can indeed help to create a better world for all of us by living in harmony with our natural world.


Ocean Geographic Society's vision is to spearhead a movement devoted to transforming a disenchanted and polluted world into an enchanted and clean world, as nature intended. In this vision world citizens live in harmony and accept responsibility for preserving and conserving our natural wonders. 


It is the mission of the Ocean Geographic Society to kindle the natural compassion of human beings by informing and inspiring the citizens of the world to conserve and preserve our natural world.

HOW do we do it?

Our Core Values

We believe that  our core values determine the quality of our lives. We promote our core values as follows:

Compassion. It is in our nature to care for fellow beings. It is the root that produces the natural consequence of passionate endeavour and harmony, though it is often buried under the rubble of modern day politics and economics.

Leadership. Good and noble intentions without sound and compassionate leadership,  besides fanning the ego, accomplish little else.

Responsibility. Accepting responsibility makes us accountable for our intentions and actions. Blaming is only an explanation that usually does not offer or manifest useful results or actions.

Cohesion. We have different strengths and talents. Cohesion allows the harmonious and mindful maximization of limited resources rather than mindless duplication and competition.

Our Strategy

Ocean Geographic Society's strategy is to win hearts and minds through alliances using superlative imagery art forms, essays and activities.

Winning Hearts

The whole subject of the environment has taken a greater impetus now and for a variety of reasons. Our approach is not to moralise the intent or the issue of conservation and preservation, but rather to inspire change by winning the hearts through relevant and persuasive information and activities.


We believe in harmony and in the collective strength of like-mindedness. By aligning ourselves to relevant and compatible organizations, we desire to practice the fundamentals of conservation and preservation through mindful cohesion, rather than mindless duplication and competition.

Superlative Imagery Art Forms

That a picture indeed paints a thousand words is a well-tried, tested and proven strategy to persuade and win hearts. It is an activity and expression that not only inspires the individual artist, but also the many who view and experience the artists' work. Ocean Geographic, An Almanac of Our Seas, endeavours to be the visual journal of our blue planet that showcases the resplendent beauty and splendour of all that should be held most dear.  The luminaries comprising our editorial board and list of affiliated contributors who are icons of superlative image making were invited not by chance, but by design. With such paragons in our leadership, Ocean Geographic's natural culture will always have an eye for the best, qualitatively and inspirationally.


Ocean Geographic Society's quarterly almanac, Ocean Geographic, is the society's main channel to convey interesting, factually persuasive and inspirational information to the world at large. Much of the pollution and destruction our earth has endured is from unintentional actions; what sane and sensible being will intentionally and deliberately destroy the environment that it needs to live in? Ocean Geographic delivers a blend of serious and researched essays along with light-hearted, tongue-in-cheek and often provocative issues to awaken the many who continue to slumber in ignorance through no fault of their own.  The language and style is pitched for both the serious and casual reader to be informed, entertained and inspired.


Ocean Geographic Society, through Ocean Geographic, has plans to engage its members and readers in pro-active roles in its mission to inform and inspire. In its first phase, it will target the youth, our future leaders. In its subsequent phases it aims to be cross-dimensional be it interest groups or age categories.


The essence of Ocean Geographic Society's vision, mission and strategy is to evoke the natural compassion within human beings for other beings and our common oceanic environment. Ocean Geographic Society believes that the natural consequence of such compassion will be the natural passionate endeavour to preserve and conserve our natural world so that living beings can live naturally and harmoniously; let us begin now, in the present to ensure the natural evolution to an even better future.

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